Health and Wellness

Health & Wellness Program

The Wellness Program is a six week course tailored for adolescents and young adults with Autism and will teach methods for effective goal setting across four areas of wellness: Mindfulness, Sleep, Exercise & Nutrition.

Individualized Goals

This program is designed to meet the needs of individuals at their current level of functioning. All participants will use the tools learned to set their own, realistic goals for each of the four targeted facets of wellness. In addition, a brief daily journal will be used to assist participants with focusing on their daily successes. 


Learn relaxation skills and awareness of surroundings

Getting Focused

Developing mindfulness to help individuals become more relaxed and present in their daily lives.


Improving mood and energy through physical activity

Getting Active

Even small amounts of physical activity can lead to improve mood and mental functioning.


Learning methods to improve quality of sleep

Restful Sleep

Sleep is associated with mental health, concentration, performance, energy levels and overall life satisfaction


Learn how food and nutrition impacts daily life

Eat For Wellness

Nutrition is associated with mental health, concentration, performance, energy levels and overall wellness

Enrollment is limited as we begin each class with 6-10 students. Classes are held on Thursday evenings at Arkansas Families First in North Little Rock, from 5:30 to 6:30 pm. Regular attendance is required, parent participation is encouraged.

  • The class is intended for individuals who struggle with various aspects of health and wellness.

  • Teens and young adults in the program often have Aspergers, High Functioning Autism, social anxiety and/or ADHD.

  • Even though structure, support and encouragement are of emphasis, in order to participate, teens/young adults must be able to manage their behavior and communicate well-enough to participate in small group discussion.

  • A screening session is held prior to the group to prepare participants and parents, and to assess their fit for the program.

  • The cost of the screening session $50.00 .

  • The cost of participation in the 6-week program is $180.00, which is $30.00 per week. We ask that families pay prior to the first class.

Program Director

Dr. Sarah (Lindeman) Root
Dr. Sarah (Lindeman) RootProvisionally Licensed Psychologist

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About Us

Arkansas Families First is a multidisciplinary behavioral health care group that offers a variety of health services for children, teens and families in Central Arkansas. Our group of independently practicing providers strive to provide the best, most comprehensive care that modern psychology, psychiatry, counseling, and other disciplines have to offer.


Arkansas Families First is devoted to unlocking the full potential of children and families. We utilize the latest research and the most skilled providers in the service of improving people’s lives. We strive to empower parents and to integrate multiple disciplines in the building of strong families and healthy children.

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