Sabine Falls, PhD, Child Psychologist

Sabine Falls, Ph.D.
Sabine Falls, Ph.D.Psychologist

Dr. Sabine Falls is a licensed clinical psychologist who has been working with children, youth, and their families for 27 years. Over the last 10 years, she specialized in performing comprehensive evaluations for suspected learning differences such as dyslexia, attention problems, executive functioning issues, autism spectrum disorders, and developmental delays.

Once an evaluation is completed, the children and their families receive a detailed diagnosis as well as specific recommendations that can be implemented at home and at school, so the child can develop his or her full potential and become a successful learner. Dr. Falls also provide therapy for children and teens who are struggling with emotional and behavioral problems, or who have experienced stressful life events or trauma. She includes families and other caregivers in the treatment to create an environment that lets the child overcome his or her challenges and thrive. Dr. Sabine Falls use a variety of evidence-based treatments in helping children and teens overcome a variety of emotional and behavioral conditions.

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  • Individual, Family, & Group Psychotherapy
  • Comprehensive Educational Testing & IEP Planning
  • Comprehensive Psychological & Developmental Testing
  • Educational Consultation

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  • Ph.D. in Psychology, Specialty: Clinical Psychology and Developmental Psychology

    February 1992   Westfaelische Wilhems-Universitaet in Muenster, Germany                            

  • Diplom in Psychology, Specialty: Clinical Psychology and Developmental Psychology

    September 1986 Ruhr-Universitaet Bochum, Germany     


  • 1986-1991 Training and certification as a Therapist in Client-Centered Therapy K

    by the Society of Scientific Client-Centered Therapy in Koeln, Germany

  • 2014 Dyslexia Specialist with learning Ally (previously Recording for the Dyslexic and the


  • 2014 Cogmed Certified Coach


  • American Psychological Association (APA)

  • Arkansas Psychological Association (ArPA)

  • International Dyslexia Association (IDA)


  • 1998 Licensed as a Psychologist by the State of Arkansas ( #98-19P )

  • 1993 Licensed as a Psychologist in Germany, State of Nordrhein-Westfalen

Work Experience

  • August 2007- June 2019 Psychologist, Director of Access Evaluation and Resource Center, Little Rock, AR

  • June 2006 – May 2007 Psychologist in private practice, Camden, AR

  • Sept. 2001 - 2010 Psychologist, South Arkansas Developmental Center for Children and Families, El Dorado, AR

  • May 2003 - May 2006 Psychologist, Child and Youth  Development Center (later: Living Hope Outpatient  Clinic), Camden, AR

  • Nov. 1998 -  June 2001 Psychologist, Child and YouthDevelopment Center, Jonesboro, AR

  • Oct. 1997 - Oct. 1998 Bona Fide Applicant Psychologist, Family Counseling Clinic(under supervision of Tom Heisler, Ph.D.), Forrest City, AR

  • May 1992 - March 1997 Psychologist, Erziehungsverein (a residential treatment facility for children and youth with mental and behavioral problems), Germany

  • May 1987 - April 1992 Instructor, Department of Psychology, Westfaelische Wilhelms-Universitaet, Muenster, Germany

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