Career Discovery 

Career and education choices can be overwhelming for anyone, and it’s a little unfathomable to think that teens are tasked with making many of these decisions that will impact them for a lifetime.

Career testing at Arkansas Families First in Conway can help young adults and their parents to better understand career and education options for which they are well suited.

Career Discovery Program

As parents you want to set your child up for success, we can help you do so. Your soon to be graduate is tasked with a major decision on which college to attend, what to major in and ultimately what career to choose. Our Career Discovery Program will help them uncover their natural talents and skills, before they head off to school.  

What is Career Discovery?

The Career Discovery program includes three phases starting with assessment and ending with a planning session. Its designed to be a pathway to discoverying  meaningful, authentic career options based on your childs abilities, traits and educational aspirations. It is great for those teen stuck and unsure which career path to take. Our Career Discovery program will help enlighten them, saving you time and money. 

Career Testing

The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB): A comprehensive assessment tool that objectively measures your natural abilities.

Self- Discovery

Discover Your Natural Abilities: Everyone is born with inherent abilities that make certain types of tasks preferable to others.


An in-depth evaluation feedback and next-steps planning to put your results to work and overcome any barriers to applying your new knowledge.

  • Career testing assesses ones personality type, career interests and occupational skills and matches the individual with the most suiteable college majors  and career fields.

  • Career counseling explores career options and identifies a path toward building a satisfying career. Counseling helps the client take steps down their chosen path, explores barriers to career succes, and identifies and hones skills needed to obtain and keep meaningful employment.

  • We'll assess natural abilities that are categorized into three areas: Personal Style, Driving Abilities, and Specialized Abilities. These abilities are assessed by 19 work samples over the three-hour evaluation.

  • The results reveal how one's natural abilities relates to their personality, their motivation, how they learn, communicate, solve problems, and make decisions.

  • The pattern of results are then aligned with careers to explore. Each career recommendation is linked to the U.S. Department of Labor’s ONET Online to provide you with the most current data for each occupation.

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  • Get your results and start planning for a bright future!

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