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Counseling, Evaluation, and Psychiatric Services

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Child and family Counseling

Specialized Counseling and Evaluation Services for Youth and Families

AR Families First offers  counseling, evaluation, and psychiatric services. We have a range of other behavioral health programming to help children, teens, and families. Each of our clinicians has specialized training in their area of expertise. We strives to empower parents in the raising of healthy, happy children. Explore our site, programs, and providers to learn more.

AFF Groups, counseling, evaluation & psychiatric services

Check out our groups for children and teens with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Ous FRIENDSHIP PROGRAM and PEERS PROGRAM offer children and teens a unique opportunity to learn valuable skills to make and keep friends. Our LAUNCH PROGRAM is dedicated to helping teens and young adults learn to navigate the world independently. Sometimes counseling, evaluation, or psyhiatric services just aren't enough and a group or class can really enhance treatment. Check out these great programs and sign up your loved one today!

Specialty Services

Specialized child-focused counseling, evaluation, and psychiatric services dedicated to your child's success!

Coming Soon! Career Discovery Program

Arkansas Families First will soon offer comprehensive career testing and counseling for teens and young adults.

Many youth struggle to figure out "what to do with their lives." Our Career Discovery Program is designed to help make that decision easier. Read more to see explore how our new Career Discovery Program can your child figure out what to do after high school, what college to attend, what career field to choose, or what major to pursue in college. Checkout our career testing and career counseling options here. 

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Career Discovery Program



Counseling, Evaluation, & Psychiatric Services at:

4004 McCain Blvd, ste 203

North Little Rock, Arkansas

We are on the Second Floor of the Arvest Bank building in North Little Rock, Arkansas.


Counseling & Evaluation Services at:

1100 Bob Courtway, Ste 8 & 9

Conway, AR 72116

We are located in the Littleton Park shopping center. Turn North off of Oak Street onto Bob Courtway. Littleton Park is on the Right.

Click here to read more about our Conway location!

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About Us

Arkansas Families First is a multidisciplinary behavioral health care group that offers counseling, evaluation, psychiatric, and other health services for children, teens and families in Central Arkansas. Our group of independently practicing providers strive to provide the best, most comprehensive care that modern psychology, psychiatry, counseling, and other disciplines have to offer.


Arkansas Families First is devoted to unlocking the full potential of children and families. We utilize the latest research and the most skilled providers in the service of improving people’s lives. We strive to empower parents and to integrate multiple disciplines in the building of strong families and healthy children.

Our Promise

We take a strengths-based approach utilizing the latest evidence-based treatments and include parents in all aspects of treatment and assessment. We'll find the service and the provider that best fits your family. With our growing list of clinicians, if you are not satisfied with your provider or services will help you make the necessary changes.

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