Assessments help us understand a child's struggles and measure the impact of treatment.


ee our assortment of assessments below. Each is research-based to assist with diagnosis, treatment planning, and outcome measurement. Discuss with your clinician which assessments will be helpful for your child/family.


Parent and caregiver report of child symptoms are invaluable for treatment. See our Parent-Report forms below!



Screen For Childhood Anxiety Related Disorders

Youth Ages 8-18 years

Depression Scale


Mood & Feelings Questionnaire

Youth Ages 8-18 years



Pediatric Symptom Checklist

Youth Ages 4-16 years



Pediatric Symptom Checklist, Short Form

Youth Ages 4-16 years



Vanderbilt ADHD Rating Scales

Youth Ages 6-12 years

Behavior Problems


Disruptive Beh. Disorder Scale

Youth Ages 4-18 years



Child & Adolescent Trauma Scale

Youth Ages 7-17 years

Trauma Assessment


Child & Adolescent Trust Events Survey

Youth Ages 2-17 years

Pre-Evaluation Forms

Teacher Forms

Pre-Evaluation Teacher Form

Parent Forms

Pre-Evaluation Parent Form

Assessment II

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About Us

Arkansas Families First is a multidisciplinary behavioral health care group that offers a variety of health services for children, teens and families in Central Arkansas. Our group of independently practicing providers strive to provide the best, most comprehensive care that modern psychology, psychiatry, counseling, and other disciplines have to offer.


Arkansas Families First is devoted to unlocking the full potential of children and families. We utilize the latest research and the most skilled providers in the service of improving people’s lives. We strive to empower parents and to integrate multiple disciplines in the building of strong families and healthy children.

Our Promise

We take a strengths-based approach utilizing the latest evidence-based treatments and include parents in all aspects of treatment and assessment. We'll find the service and the provider that best fits your family. With our growing list of clinicians, if you are not satisfied with your provider or services will help you make the necessary changes.