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Summer Routines With Robots


Summer Schedule Chart Summer can be loads of fun for kids, but parents often feel a sense of chaos. Adding some structure can help family life flow more smoothly. Check out this simple, child-friendly chart designed to help add structure and reduce tension in your home. [...]

Summer Routines With Robots2019-06-17T18:44:28-06:00

Helping Children Cope with the Aftermath of School Shootings


Helping Children Manage Stress in the Aftermath of School Shootings Sadly, we've had another tragic shooting involving a school. Although we are quite a distance away, the 24/7 news coverage brings this tragedy into our immediacy. Two key principles for parents and teachers in disaster and trauma include: 1) Limit children's exposure to the television [...]

Helping Children Cope with the Aftermath of School Shootings2019-06-21T12:09:41-06:00

Helping Your Anxious Child Overcome Sleep Problems


As a therapist working with children and teens, I have often seen young people paralyzed by fears, worries, and anxieties. They often experience insomnia as well. It is as if they cannot get a break from the consequences of anxiety. The National Sleep Foundation recommends that adolescents get 8-10 hours of sleep per night. Numerous [...]

Helping Your Anxious Child Overcome Sleep Problems2019-06-21T12:12:11-06:00

Back to School Stress: Tear Free Strategies


Having back to school stress is a common struggle for children, but there are some things you can do to ease the pain. Here are some tips to help reduce anxiety and have a tear-free first week of school. 1. Healthy Family Routines: The Arkansas Psychological Association reports that family plays a key role in modeling [...]

Back to School Stress: Tear Free Strategies2017-05-18T13:00:01-06:00

Let Ice Cream Work Its Magic!


Let Ice Cream Work Its Magic By Jerilyn Swalve-Wasson July is National Ice Cream month. Can you think of a better dessert for Arkansas in July then ice cream?! Ice cream has always been extra special to me and not just because I could eat it by the gallons. Growing up, my dad and I would [...]

Let Ice Cream Work Its Magic!2017-05-18T13:00:02-06:00

Making the Most of Summer: Part 2 - Cultivating Positive Relationships


Cultivating Positive Relationships Oftentimes as parents, we accept the notion that siblings can not and will not get along, especially in the summer. While some sibling conflict is normal, there are also things parents can do to set a positive tone in the home. Consistent, intentional efforts to cultivate a positive relationship will help children [...]

Making the Most of Summer: Part 2 - Cultivating Positive Relationships2017-05-18T13:00:02-06:00

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