Unlock Program At AR Families First

Knowledge is power. Learn strategies to help your child thrive!

A parent program to help unlock the full potential of children


This four-week program, led by Dr. Khiela Holmes, is an educational group to help parents address the needs and struggles of their children. The group is designed for parents of children age 6 and older.  It addresses a range of topics such as autism, Anxiety, behavior problems, ADHD, depression and more. The goal is to empower parents to help children overcome struggles and unlock their full potential.


  • When: 5:15-6:45, Tuesdays, June 19 - July 17

  • Where: Arkansas Families First, LLC., North Little Rock, AR

  • How Much: $30 per session, 4 sessions.

Unlock Your Childs Potential

Topics Include

Overcoming with Anxiety

Promoting Positive Thinking

Fostering Anger Management

Thriving with ADHD

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