Parent Support & Education

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  • Behavioral Parent Training
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  • Parenting Defiant and/or Hyperactive Children
  • Parenting Children with Developmental Delays and/or Psychiatric Conditions

Parenting & Adoption Evaluations

Pre-Adoption Evaluations
Parenting Capacity Evaluations

Many domestic and international adoption agencies require a pre-adoption psychological evaluation for prospective parents. A pre-adoption evaluation provides an overview of each parent’s psychosocial functioning, parenting attitudes and expectations, and marital stability.

Requirements for pre-adoption psychological evaluations vary by agency and country. Most often, these evaluations involve a clinical interview with a Licensed Psychologist (each parent individually, and the couple together) including psychosocial history, as well as objective measures of personality, parenting beliefs and style, mental health status, and other measures specifically requested by the referring agency.

Fees for pre-adoption evaluations vary depending on the measures required, and the length and type of report required by the referring agency. Fees typically range between $900 to $1200 per couple. Payment plans are available, although full payment must be received before the final report will be completed.